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Call Center Philippines…Doing More Than Just Calling

by: | December 2, 2011 | 0 Comments
Call Center Philippines…Doing More Than Just Calling

Call Centers in the Philippines aren’t just business telephone customer service providers anymore. Business process outsourcing has grown over the last decade, and the Philippines is becoming a leader in the business outsourcing field. Originally a popular choice among businesses because of the cost-cutting benefits, BPO Philippines now offers a range of services beyond call center work and connects businesses with field experts.

While Call Centers in the Philippines still provide businesses with call center support, such as live account help, customer technical assistance and telemarketing, BPO services in the Philippines now have a wide variety of different services designed to meet the needs of any company. Everything from website design to software development can be outsourced to a Philippine provider. Social media networking, mobile application development, search engine optimization and search engine marketing are just some of the web services BPO companies in the Philippines provide. Technical support experts monitor servers and security for a business at an off-site location and provide remote assistance on demand. Call services and technical support offered twenty-four hours a day allows a business to always remain open to customers, even if its physical locations are closed.

Businesses can outsource time-consuming office duties, such as data entry, data processing, bookkeeping, new employee recruitment and routine human resource tasks. Remote virtual assistants help employees with administrative tasks, such as supply ordering, inventory monitoring and even appointment scheduling. Both employees and the employer benefit from the outsourcing of routine but necessary administrative and clerical tasks. Employees focus solely on their core work instead of wasting time on basic office work. Employers save money, lower employee stress levels and are free to use employees more efficiently.

Business process outsourcing also allows a company to connect with different kinds of creative experts. Outsourced creative services include editing, content writing, animation, graphic design and print design. Three-dimensional design, used in game development, films and for architectural design, is a rapidly growing field in the Philippines. If a company has a forum for its customer base or a popular product, outsourcing forum moderation ensures the forum remains a civil place and leaves a good impression on any visitors.

A common concern among businesses considering outsourcing is whether customers will be able to get the service they need from a staff in another country. However, technology makes it possible for outsourced employees to help clients no matter where they are, and the Filipino people are known for their English fluency and accent-neutral speech.

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